With more than 20 years of production experience and as one of the best shoe brands in the country, it has tried to benefit from innovation with hard work and research in the direction of the world's fashion and employing expert and experienced personnel with a new and different approach in To produce the styles of the world in accordance with Iranian choice. The production process is completely specialized and also

Detailed product analysis required

Mutual and constructive communication with the customer

Honesty and speed in transactions

Being a leader in making new models

Success in production and sales

Innovation in construction and updating

Providing a healthy and completely friendly environment in the management and personnel category

 after sales service

It is one of the other characteristics of EXIST industrial group. The company's expert forces always believe in achieving the best performance and the highest quality for the company's customers and consider each and every customer as part of the EXIST family. Looking to the future and respecting the consumer and success as the most important product, far from any slogan, will be our goal.


EXIST footwear industrial group

our goals

Strategic goals

The main goals
Scientific use of young designers and experts to maintain creativity and innovation in the collection
 Forming a think tank in Iran's shoe fashion industry and giving it direction
Combining science and experience to provide design standards with world-class methods
Formation of marketing group for research and development, market knowledge
 Production based on quality by using modern machines
Cost management by maintaining the best quality in the supply of the product at a reasonable price
Providing new sales methods in Iran's shoe industry
Recruiting and retaining skilled and efficient personnel
Promoting the culture of supporting and consuming Iranian goods and preserving the table of Iranian workers

Our vision

Introducing the EXIST shoe brand in the first 10 brands of Iran's shoe industry based on the type of design and specialized production
The formation of shoe customer club exist
EXIST shoes, with God's help, with the love and effort of the management and personnel, with research and thinking, and with short-term and long-term plans, are trying to achieve these goals by 2025.


Hossein Emami Far

Born on October 26, 1981 in Tehran

Has a degree in shoe design and modeling in 1999

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